A good business focus is critical right now, but what does good business focus look like? Is your business strategy still able to deliver given the impact of Covid?

As an award-winning strategist and business coach I have experienced first hand how in busy or challenging times, leaders and their teams can lose focus. The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to the way we do business, how we manage our teams, how we secure new business and how we maintain profitability.

In any of these situations, it isn’t surprising that in many cases the focus shifts to very short term, with cashflow pressurising budgets, and reduced employee numbers resources can become stretched.

3 Crucial Steps
More than ever 3 crucial steps should be considered:
How do we need to adjust our business strategy to suit?
How do we need to adjust our key resources to achieve this?
What support does our team need to make this happen?

Key areas for success
Identifying the key areas for success is critical to the future of your business at all times. Right now, this could be the difference between those businesses who will be agile and aligned to enable them to stay on their feet, remain financially sound and reach the new goals they set for themselves.

The quote from Simon Sinek on Focus is so appropriate right now. Do you know where you’re going?

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In the meantime, here is a little story from me about the dangers of only focusing on what is happening in front of you.

Many years ago I wanted to learn to ski and so before heading off to the Alps I decided to enrol for some lessons. The dry ski slope where I chose to learn was offering a deal that if you commit to 4 beginners lessons they guaranteed that if at that point you were not able to ski they would continue to teach you for free until you could.

It sounded like a good offer and so off I went and started on my new adventure. By lesson 3 we were introduced to a new instructor with the grand title of an Elite Instructor. He took one look at each of us and very quickly decided it was right back to the basics, the fundamentals to get us ploughing and controlling our speed effectively. My first attempts ending in me falling each time on the nursery slopes. I remember the shock and horror I felt as the next time he asked me to take off a glove, throw it the air and catch it on my way down whilst looking ahead and focusing on him.

Incredibly, when I followed his guide it worked and I never fell once. This was amazing until finally, I put the glove back on and then instead of looking at the instructor I once again looked at the enormous skis on my feet. The result was a disaster, I fell put out my hand and proceeded to break my wrist. Ouch!

The moral of the story: Keep your business looking ahead!