Does the way you work need to change? Remote working, hybrid working or a return to business as usual isn’t the answer and here is why.

The last year has brought a host of studies about the future of work and what leadership will be in 2030.  

How we work
As we continue to learn to adapt to a flexible approach to remote working, returning to the office, or a blended hybrid mix, what is equally important is “how” we work with ourselves and with others.
Working remotely and hybrid working can be challenging, with a range of unique situations and requirements to which employees must adapt. The more you can adjust your routines, communication, and working to match your natural behavioural style, the more comfortable you become working remotely. The Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook is the ideal tool for people working remotely, helping them to create a work environment and processes that best suit their strongest behavioural traits.

Working with CARE
The importance and benefits of coaching continue to grow as an essential quality of leadership and management. The Coaching with CARE approach identifies four key attributes which are a must. 

Compassion for oneself and others can involve focusing on raising self-awareness and social awareness. Active listening and creating a culture of inviting feedback can help in our dealings with others. This 15-minute talk on “Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth” by Dr Adia Shani could be just what you need. She highlights four key practices.
Forgive yourself
Practice self-acceptance
Be there for yourself when time gets rough
Connect to supportive people

All too often, hidden behind the mask of social compliance is Authenticity. We need to learn the power of being our “authentic self” and embracing openness, the freedom to express, and vulnerability, which all form an essential part of this new way of working.
Karen Scott explores Authenticity in this article. She shares thoughts that might resonate with some of you. Have you ever become tired of ‘performance’, tired of trying to fit yourself into the wrong shape and having to ‘play the game’.


Respect has a significant part to play in the future of the new way of working. Creating the opportunity of “a voice for all” and a willingness to accept different views and perspectives is to be embraced in this new approach.
The vast majority of the time that leaders face criticism, they suffer not from a lack of conviction but from an unwillingness to listen.

Throughout the last year, we have faced new challenges of isolation, mental health, and wellbeing. The importance of social connection and our interdependence on one another has highlighted the need for CARE.

Engagement is another crucial part of this process. Based on over 50 years of employee engagement research, Gallup knows that engaged employees produce better business outcomes than other employees — across industry, company size, and nationality, and in good economic times and bad.

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