Part three – Marketing tools for the construction sector

In the last article we identified the benefit of market segmentation in understanding the key drivers to purchase and how to identify your competitive advantage to set you apart from the rest. In this piece we explore the shift from old marketing to new marketing, the need to engage, educate and inform, the key marketing tools for the construction sector and business development.

Engage, educate and inform

Old marketing was about promotion and for many companies the approach hasn’t changed but the results have. Traditional promotional marketing has become ineffective. New marketing is about engagement, it’s about people, understanding your markets network or community. Who are they engaged with, who are their influencers, which sources of information do they use. For the construction sector this is not limited to a series of magazines, websites, supplier directories and trade shows but embraces the world wide web and social media networks and communities which can have powerful influence on the position of your brand and the selection of suppliers and products.

Marketing tools for the construction sector is about considering the channel mix. So for example, with specification selling the focus is on imparting information and advice. Specification teams will be technical advisors working in partnership with professionals in the construction sector. The use of technical CPD seminars, project case studies, technical literature, websites, videos and PR which provide examples of system solutions in practice can be very effective here. For contractors and installers how to videos and PR pieces may be supplemented through smartphone apps, which offer detailed product range specifications and installation guides.

Business development – construction project leads

A good strategy for lead generation can make all the difference. Project leads from Barbour ABI or Glenigan will provide useful sales leads and companies can identify at which stage of the contract, from outline planning through to start on site. However, a word of warning here timing is all important, otherwise specifiers, contractors and developers can be flooded with enquiries by subscribing companies leading to a resistance to enter into discussion. Targeted use can help identify which companies are currently active in specific sub sectors such as offices, hotels, education or residential project and develop a strategy to build a database and nurturing relationships which provide information, which is informative, relevant and timely.

What next?

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