Myth number 2: It’s the remit of organisations with large budgets

In the last article we explored the claim that marketing is all about sales promotion. We considered the use of the outside-in marketing concept and the importance of determining the needs and wants of target markets in developing effective marketing communications. In this piece we dispel the myth that powerful marketing is only the remit of organisations with large budgets.

 a) Size doesn’t matter!

Many years ago car manufacturer Renault carried an advertising strap line for the Clio, which suggested “Size Matters”. When companies truly understand the fundamentals of marketing best practicehow to create effective marketing strategy and campaigns: size doesn’t matter.

Whether your business is large or small you cannot afford to ignore marketing or relegate it to the back of the queue.

Marketing is not just for the large organisation with big budgets to spend. Effective marketing is just as important for the small business and does not need a large budget.

How is this possible and how do you know if your marketing strategy is right?

b) In-house vs. outsourcing

If yours is a business with a dedicated marketing team it is crucial to your business that the resources are in place in order for marketing to be able to understand existing and new markets and customers effectively and to develop strategies, which enable products and services to be supplied profitably.

Failure to do so can lead to poor marketing – Most of us would accept that poor marketing leads to poor use of finance and resources – leading to poor results?

NO! In fact, poor marketing leads to poor use of resources, which leads to NO RESULTS!

Having worked in senior management roles within various sizes of businesses I understand how the time, resources, expertise and budget that you require may not always be available to you. More companies are now recognizing the benefit of bringing in expertise and experience to extend their marketing resource when and where they need it most.

It’s not only small business who can benefit from this support.

In my role as a consultant I have worked successfully with Managing Directors in businesses where no in-house team exists and can offer them the flexibility of marketing when and where it is needed most. I have also worked with Marketing Managers on specific projects to enable them to consider projects, which otherwise would simply not be achievable within the time frame required and therefore potential market or product development opportunities would have been lost.

What next?

In the next article in this series we will explore the myth number 3 that marketing is a kind of magic, all smoke and mirrors.

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