Myth number 3: It’s a kind of magic

In the last article we explored the claim that powerful marketing is only the remit of organisations with large budgets. We looked at the options for extending in-house teams with flexible out-sourced expertise when and where you need it most.  In this piece we tackle the myth that marketing is a kind of magic, just all smoke and mirrors using spin to persuade prospects to buy.

a) All smoke and mirrors!

It’s at this point that I lead us all to that great entertainer: Freddie Mercury.

Like him, his music or not, you can’t deny he was a great entertainer. Great because of his presence, his performances, how he dressed and not least how he sang.

There are some that may feel marketing is in the business of entertainment. It’s a kind of magic – all smoke and mirrors. Making products and services look better than the reality. The spin-doctor of the modern day company!

 If this is really all marketing is for your business then you run the risk of disappointing a lot of customers.

FACTOID: Studies show that dissatisfied customers do not buy again. Worse yet, In the days of pre social media, the average satisfied customer told 3 others about good experiences, whilst the average dissatisfied customer told 10 others about their bad experiences. You don’t need me to explain how with the power of Social Media today this is multiplied in almost incomprehensible proportions.

The good news is that Marketing isn’t a kind of magic and whilst you might need Harry Potter or Dumbledore or Gandalf to turn a poorly positioned or developed product into a good one, marketing’s key role is in creating marketing strategy to identify and develop markets and customers and helping to develop products and services.

When sound marketing strategy is in place then planning and running more effective tactical marketing campaigns is the output. Marketing and sales work hand-in-hand with quality marketing leading to improved business development, generating better quality sales leads and market opportunities.

b) We have lost faith in marketing due to poor results!

Marketing like politics has been given a poor name by those who have abused its power. Just as many people have lost faith in our politicians, so many companies have lost faith in marketing. The plethora of so called marketing companies offering rich promises of success has led to a high level of scepticism.

The way forward is in ensuring that your people have the skills they need to make informed decisions on the business support partners that are right for you, and in setting your own course. A fundamental starting point is in ensuring you have the right strategy. See our blog on “How do you know if your marketing strategy is right?”

Think about the key skills, which will help you achieve your business objectives. We can help you identify your management training needs and strengthen the skills of your team and develop a training program to suit. The introduction of a one2one personal business coach can help key individuals and managers to maximise their potential.

Clearly, whatever your business, marketing has a vital role to play. Today’s successful companies share a strong focus and commitment to marketing.

NB. Factoid Source: Research Institute of America

What next?

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